The Philadelphia Psychotronic Awards, fka The Schlockademy Awards, are an annual celebration of the films watched over the course of the previous year.  They often feature special guests and include a song and dance number by Ben as well as an annual video recap by Eric.  Trophies are given out in six categories that are voted on by current members.


From L to R:
Most Ridiculous - Ben & Arthur, Karli Bresler
Most Psychotronic - Rock and the Alien, Jon Kobryn
Best Film - Assassin 33 AD, Ian Galloway
Most Offensive - Fetus, Sadie Warboys
Strangest Film - Despiser, Josh Christensen
Best Performance - Hawk Jones, Valiant Duhart (on screen)


From L to R:
Best Film - The Art of Dying, Marc Armstrong
Most Ridiculous - Baberellas, Michael DiFrancesco
Most Psychotronic - Erotic Ghost Story II, Samm Deighan
Strangest Film - The Astrologer, Rob Skvarla
Most Offensive - Of Oz The Wizard, Steve Kleinedler (screen L)
Best Performance - The Art of Dying, Wings Hauser (screen R)


From L to R:
Most Ridiculous - Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear, Eric Bresler
Strangest Film - Monkeys In the Attic, Maggie Rybak
Best Performance - Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear, Douglas Burke
Most Psychotronic - Premutos, Bruce Longo
Best Film - Undefeatable, Bobby Slocum
Most Offensive - Water Power, Samm Deighan


From L to R:
Most Psychotronic - Dr. Caligari, George Jordan
Most Offensive - All This and World War II, Neal Mates
Most Ridiculous - Flyin' Ryan, Ben Leach
Best Film - Final Flesh, Alex Rudolph
Strangest Film - Survive Style 5+, Nat Sowinski
Best Performance - Vibrations, James Marshall


From L to R:
Best Film - Devil Story, Skylar Gahagan
Strangest Film - The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb, Samm Portelli
Most Offensive Film - Gestapo's Last Orgy, Mike Zaleski
Most Ridiculous Film - Foodfight!, Karli Bresler
Most Psychotronic Film - Hell Comes to Frogtown, Kelly Winter