About the Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society

We carry on the proud tradition set forth by Psychotronic Film Societies around the globe by screening cult/weirdo/trash films for the locally like-minded. Every first and third Monday of the month we meet at 7:30 PM at the Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art to watch a feature film programmed by one of our members.

The PPFS is officially sanctioned by Brian Thomas, Propaganda Minister of the Sinister for Chicago's Psychotronic Film Society.

WARNING: The subject matter of what we've come to know as psychotronic films runs the gamut from talking dogs to violent assaults. Programmers are encouraged to warn audiences in advance about films that contain extremely graphic and possibly upsetting content. That said, the very nature of many psychotronic films is to push the boundaries of taste, morals, and patience so always attend at your own risk.

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